Belleview Elementary
Belleview's school attendance history goes back to the early 1900s when the original school building was a wooden structure located at Valley Highway and Orchard Road. The school, which closed in 1954, was known as the "Castlewood School."

In 1952, the Cherry Creek District was consolidated from seven smaller districts, and the present site was purchased. Two years later, Belleview opened its doors. The name "Belleview" was selected for a number of reasons and after considerable debate between various groups. Some parents from the Castlewood District felt that the name of the school should be "Castlewood" in as much as the Castlewood Fire Department would be responsible for any fires in the new school, the Castlewood Home Demonstration Club had donated dishes and other equipment, and because the land was part of the old Melvin District which later merged with the Castlewood district. A member of the School Board remarked that the most satisfactory method of settling any dispute would be to have a contest to name the new school and to arrive at a neutral choice. The main objection to the name "Castlewood" was that since the old school might have to be used in the fall of 1954, it certainly wouldn't do to have two "Castlewood" Schools.

Belleview School in 1954 served students attending grades K through 10. The School District paid tuition to other districts for those students who wished to finish high school. Most of the grades were combination and the entire faculty numbered six. The original attendance boundaries were the Lowry Field bombing range to the east, Holly Street to the west, and the Douglas County line to the south. The northern most boundary was Yale Avenue adjoining the Cunningham and Sullivan School attendance areas.

An article taken from the Report of Cherry Creek School District #5 entitled "School District Five in Fifty-Five," published March 15, 1955, describes the new school as follows:

This completely new school was occupied in September, 1954. The new school building has six modern classrooms, a multi-purpose room, fully equipped kitchen, Principal's Office and a Teachers' Room. This building is decorated inside and out in attractive colors. Classrooms are well-lighted, acoustically treated, and each lower grade room has a toilet in the room. All rooms have work and storage counters, a sink, running water and drinking fountain. IBM electric clocks in all rooms keep the school on schedule. Several pieces of playground equipment are in use on the playground. Further development of the playgrounds and the site will be included in the program for the Junior-Senior High School site development program -- fencing, drives, walks, parking, and some planting of grass for lawn, trees and shrubs. The Belleview School replaced the Castlewood building which had been in use over fifty years.