Belleview Elementary
2011 President of the United States Back to School Speech September 26, 2011
Dear Parents and Guardians: The Cherry Creek School District No. 5 has been informed that President Barack Obama will deliver his third annual “Back to School” speech on Wednesday, September 28, 2011, at 11:30 a.m., Mountain Daylight Time.    This presidential speech is addressed directly to students across the country about the value and importance of education.  President Obama has encouraged students to study hard, stay in school, and take responsibility for their education.  Copies of the President’s previous back-to-school speeches have been posted on the district’s website.   If the White House releases the prepared text of this year’s speech before the President speaks on Wednesday, a copy of the speech will be posted on the district’s website, as has been done for the last two years.   The Cherry Creek School District has a history of welcoming public and elected officials in supporting our mission of education, and plans on showing the President’s Back-to-School speech in district schools.  However, available technology and class schedules at each school site may impact the ability to see the live broadcast.  As such, the speech will be recorded and may be viewed at other times during the school day.   The district has used this combined live broadcast and tape delay showing of the President’s speech over the last two years, which has successfully accommodated any technology and class schedule concerns, and has afforded students an opportunity to access viewing the speech during the school day.   As always, please feel free to contact your school administration if you have any questions.